Our Mission

In a world filled with constant change, finding a spiritual home and a place of worship is a significant and meaningful challenge. For over 150 years, our church has served the community and has provided outreach ministries to those in need within the surrounding area. Truly, we are a growing community of faith with a wide variety of age groups worshipping in fellowship together. We also celebrate varying worship styles, with a Contemporary Worship Service at 9:30am and Traditional Worship Service at 11:00am on Sunday mornings. Consider this to be a warm and sincere invitation to come visit us, where you’ll feel the love of Christ, a welcoming environment to worship the Lord, and a lot of love from our members, too!

At Ebenezer, we strive to create a warm and inclusive place of worship where everyone feels valued and accepted. We believe in the power of faith, love, and community to transform lives and make a positive impact on the world around us. Our priority is less about “scaring people out of hell”, but rather “loving people into heaven”. It is grace, love, and affirmation which guides us as a congregation. 

Our mission centers around our desire to help people come into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ- our Savior and Lord. If you are searching for a place of worship to "call home", please know that there is always a place for you at Ebenezer. Whether you are interested in Sunday worship, Bible study, community outreach, or social gatherings, there is opportunity here to connect, grow, and make meaningful relationships in our community- and a place to experience our living God!

If you have any questions, need assistance, or simply want to share your story, please feel free to reach out by contacting us! As Minister, I wholeheartedly offer to support you on your journey of faith. I am excited about the potential opportunity to get to know you and witness the unique gifts and perspectives you bring to our community!


In Christ's love, 

Lucas R. Safrit

Minister, Ebenezer Lutheran Church